Melissa Westgate

Adelaide Board Member

Melissa has always had a deep-rooted passion for new experiences and extending her education and skills through personal growth challenges, adventure and travel. As a young adult, she couldn’t wait to leave the small Canadian town she grew up in to explore the world and smash through her comfort zones. After completing her Bachelor degree in Ontario and her Master of Arts degree in British Columbia, she decided that she wanted to move overseas and found herself living, working and playing ice hockey in Tokyo, Japan. It was there that she met her Australian husband, and in January 2003 moved to Adelaide.

Her travel adventures and passion for experiencing new cultures did not end there, and over the years she has travelled extensively with her family and friends and has completed a number of treks throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Borneo, Peru, Bhutan, Thailand and South Africa. Her career path has seen her transition from marketing and leadership positions focusing on sports sponsorship to the not-for-profit sector. Over that time, she has taken on a number of challenging positions demonstrating her ability to connect people, work within diverse teams and engage a wide range of stakeholders from the not-for-profit, media, corporate and community sectors. Her previous role in the NFP sector was as the Partnerships & Fundraising Manager at Asthma Foundation SA. Her role at the Foundation was to develop and implement a broad based marketing and fundraising program which underpins the organisation’s education and research activities and supports people with Asthma in SA.  

Melissa is currently the Foundation Manager at St Peter's Girls' School in Adelaide. In 2017 Melissa traveled to the Indrawati region and as was part of a HDFA led trek to Yangri Peak with her son on a parent child trek for 12 days which culminated in a village stay in the communities supported by HDFA.

Melissa Westgate

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