Hiking boots? Check.

Sleeping bag? Check.

Ready to take a serious step up in life? Check.


We are super excited to announce the launch of HDFA's Reach Higher treks in partnership with the wonderful folk at Big Heart Adventures

Have you ever wanted to visit (or revisit) the incredible Himalayas and love the idea of making a positive difference as you do so? If so, this is the trekking experience for you. 

You will get right off the beaten track to immerse yourself in the real Nepal, seeing HDFA's work in action in remote and stunning regions.

These are treks for those who crave life's untrodden path.  You won't be crossing paths with hundreds of other foreign trekkers on predictable trails. Instead you'll be bunking in with locals, traversing pristine jungles and mountainsides, and sharing unforgettable and unique experiences with the people you meet along the way.

Yes, it will be a personal challenge, but you'll be reaching new heights both for yourself and for the people of Nepal, knowing that all profits from your trek go straight into supporting the communities you visit.

Our CEO is one seriously accomplished mountaineer and trek leader with 20 plus years of experience. So it only stands to reason that we are now making the most of this expertise to offer people the chance to experience Nepal in a whole new way, travelling to give back as well as to tick off one of life's big bucket list items.

Get in touch with Big Heart Adventures to join a scheduled trek or start your own. See the real Nepal and do it in a way that gives to this beautiful nation.

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