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Dear HDFA Supporter,

  • HUGE MILESTONE - Every school aged child in the Ghunsa Valley area is attending school for the first time ever. From a 1 in 4 attendance rate in 2013 to a 100% attendance rate of school age children in mid 2018
  • 200 Farmers have attended agriculture livelihood improvement programs this year in the Indrawati area, as we aim to break the human-trafficking-poverty cycle at it's roots  
  • Congratulations and thanks to all those donors who made this 4.5-year journey a success that it is today, it has been a struggle but real change has been made
  • Event - 2018 Quiz Night October 26th - Adelaide come along it's $25 / head for a fun relaxed night and some updates from the board on Nepal activities

Can you help us continue this important support in Nepal? Then why not have an impact and change someone's life - starting at $1/day you can give a child an education that would have otherwise fallen into the illiteracy-poverty trap - become a donor Download a supporter application form today!

There is still a lot of work to be done. We need to sign an extra 50 child supporters by the end of 2018 - please consider how you can help changes the lives of children in Nepal.

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Duncan Chessell

Breaking the Illiteracy-Poverty cycle @Ghunsa School - Kanchenjunga Region


  • Ghunsa School was fully rebuilt in July 2015 (by HDFA)
  • Initial Hostel housed 20 children but was soon bursting at the seams
  • Hostel extension doubled capacity was completed in July 2017
  • The facility can now handle up to 40 Children + day students from Ghunsa itself and normally has 55 children attending school daily
  • The Ghunsa School is located in the in the remote Kanchenjunga Region of East Nepal 3 days walk from the nearest road in the border area with Tibet
  • It is the largest Ward in all Nepal - as such the population is spread out over an immense area making school attendance a real issue for many children
  • HUGE MILESTONE - Every school aged child in the Ghunsa Valley area is attending school for the first time ever. From a 1 in 4 attendance rate in 2013 to a 100% attendance rate of school age children in mid 2018

The hostel is essential to break the illiteracy - poverty cycle through providing an education opportunity to the children of this region. Micro-schools spread out across the region either failed or closed, leaving many children to miss out on school. The battle is not over after the construction of the walls and roof. Continued support for poorer families will be required for some time to come, but local support is starting to happen too. The local community led by SMC Chairman Himali has been absolutely critical at every stage of this project and without their dedication, selfless work and desire for a better future for their children, the walls and roof would be a hollow monument, instead it's the heart and pride of the village and has ignited a real future for the community in this remote location with a stunning backdrop of the Himalayas. A group of 9 dedicated mothers run the hostel on a rotation basis and their support of the 40 children is remarkable and commendable.

Through (your) Australian donors support the Ghunsa school was awarded a model school for the District. This award was to recognise teaching improvements, facility upgrades and strong community support; all linked to a purpose-built hostel to house the children during term time - who live to far from school to attend. 

We are very pleased to have completed this final infrastructure step and will continue to focus and support improved educational outcomes via training, scholarships and low income support for hostel attendees.

To all of you who funded all the stages required to meet the needs of the children in this remote environment - the people of Ghunsa say a very hearty THANKYOU !