Our flagship undertaking is the Ghunsa Village Project. We aim to work with the Ghunsa Village community to improve education standards for the local children, with healthcare and basic infrastructure improvements to enable this to occur, while being mindful of the need for both conservation and economic development.

Upper Indrawati

We aim to work with the villages in the Upper Indrawati region to help improve the living standards for the local children and families, with healthcare, education development and basic infrastructure to enable this to occur, with an eye to helping build sustainable communities through economic development opportunities and conservation. 

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Seti Devi School Rebuild

Help put the next generation of Nepal's children back on track for a brighter future. COMPLETED PROJECT

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Teacher Training

Education is the seed for economic development

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Boarding School & Common room

Providing a save, secure and comfortable place to learn

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Ghunsa Village

Our flagship project is the Ghunsa Village Project, where we aim to work with the village of Ghunsa community to improve the education standards for the local children...

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