Securing a brighter future for Nepal’s children

We want to enable the people of the Himalayas to choose their own development pathway in an informed and sustainable way, whilst retaining the cultural heritage of their own choosing.


Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, having a ripple effect of opportunity that impacts generations. Education enhances lives. It ends generational cycles of poverty and disadvantage and provides a foundation for sustainable development.


Give the children in Nepal a better start in life. We aim to provide children not only with a good education, but also a safe environment where all the needs of a child are provided for.


We work closely with communities to provide education on health issues, and facilitate provision of healthcare services.


We will assist in the development of the supply of basic needs like energy, infrastructure, and waste systems and provide information, education and training to achieve meaningful and lasting change.


Helping communities adapt to the impacts of environmental events like earthquakes and flood, and promote sustainable use of natural resources to develop the economic development of the community level while conserving natural resources.


HDFA works with communities to enhance individual and community well-being and welfare by following a path of economic development that safeguards the welfare of future generations.


Want to get involved? Why not join any one - or many - of these events?

HDFA Yangri Peak Trek October 2017

Sindupalchowk, Nepal Oct 01, 2017

A 12 day introductory level trekking holiday in the Nepal Himalaya, 8 days trekking, 2 days sightseeing/touring | October 2017

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Snow Leopard Heli-Trek 2017


Trek to the world's third highest peak Mt Kanchenjunga, Base Camp at 5,140m (Eastern Nepal), visit HDFA projects and exit via helicopter flight with a scenic overflight of the entire Everest Base Camp trek and Khumbu Icefall. WOW !!
Spring: Sunday 23rd April to Wednesday 10th May 2017

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Past Events

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Our flagship undertaking is the Ghunsa Village Project. We aim to work with the Ghunsa Village community to improve education standards for the local children, with healthcare and basic infrastructure improvements to enable this to occur, while being mindful of the need for both conservation and economic development.

Ghunsa Village

Our flagship project is the Ghunsa Village Project, where we aim to work with the village of Ghunsa community to improve the education standards for the local children...

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Rebuilding 10 Villages

Extensive damage by the April 2015 earthquake means that schools, health posts and community water supplies all need to be rebuilt as quickly as possible. 

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Seti Devi School Rebuild

Help put the next generation of Nepal's children back on track for a brighter future

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Upper Indrawati

We aim to work with the villages in the Upper Indrawati region to help improve the living standards for the local children and families, with healthcare, education development and basic infrastructure to enable this to occur, with an eye to helping build sustainable communities through economic development opportunities and conservation. 

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How you can help

There are lots of ways you can help contribute to the Himalayan Development Foundation Australia

Recent News

April 2017 Snow Leopard Heli-Trek & Fundraising Dinner

Apr 11, 2017

An amazing $5,892 was raised on this fundraising night from ticket sales and generous gifts for the silent auction.

Sangay arrived in Ghunsa!

Mar 29, 2017

Sangay arrived in Ghunsa!

Adelaide Fundraising Dinner 6th April 2017

Mar 14, 2017

Adelaide supporters: you're invited for our fundraising dinner 6 April 2017.

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