Seti Devi

Help put the next generation of Nepal's children back on track for a brighter future. COMPLETED PROJECT

Sindhupalchok District

Seti Devi school says 'thank you' HDFA! The school is now reopened. Many speeches, many smiles, many dances and four very smart, safe new classrooms.

We are pleased to announce the completion of two new permanent classroom blocks (4 classrooms) for the Seti Devi School in Thumpakhar, Sindupalchowk District. Your donations made during the weeks after the earthquakes of 2015 have been deployed to rebuilding. This will enable the kids to get back to school just in time for the onset of the monsoon. Our In Country Manager, Jo Chaffer and members of our NGO partner organisation, PHASE Nepal, attended the opening ceremony. Using earthquake-resistant designs, the classrooms are already in use! The spacious, well lit and well insulated classrooms make a huge difference for the learning environment of the children.

Seti Devi School has several more school blocks are being planned for the next few months, funded by Juniper Trust and delivered through the Pasang Lhamu Foundation.

Galleries of the Seti Devi School before, during and after the rebuild.

Sustainable support in Sindupalchowk: HDFA are starting the slow and careful planning of a long term program to support this very poor, hard to reach area, initially via the reconstruction of health posts for communities.. Wide-reaching water and sanitation projects are also underway, ensuring that communities have access to a safe water supply, and longer-term livelihood projects will improve food security and build resilience.

There is a long way to go, and we won’t be able to realise our ambitious plans without the generous support from our donors across the world.


A big 'thank you' from teachers, parents, School Management Committee and kids at the Seti Devi school, Sindupalchowk, to everyone who donated to the school rebuild!

The 170 students of the Seti Devi Primary School will soon be able to enjoy school again. Their school was severely damaged in the 2015 earthquakes. Classes have been able to continue at only a minimum level by utilising temporary learning centres (tents) and combining classes into the few rooms that survived the 2015 earthquake. Rebuilding and repair work on the school started early this year, using earthquake-resistant designs.

In early March, HDFA’s in-country director Jo Chaffer and local engineer Suan went out to check on the work and support the builders on-site in doing a good job for the next stages. Your help IS making a difference.


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