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Your donations of over $2 are tax deductible for Australian Residents and we will issue you with a DGR (Deductible Gift Receipiant) status receipt automatically via the ANZ Shout For good website or App.

HDFA operates it's own Public Overseas Aid Fund, which is endorsed by DFAT and Treasury.

You can donate via the ANZ - Shout For Good website or App, or set up a Fundraising page of our own on the App for HDFA.

There is zero% fees thanks to ANZ, Visa and Mastercard ! 

If you are able to commit to ongoing monthly donations thats super helpful for us to plan our programs for the year.



Q/ How much is the minimum?
A/ There is no minimum amount, just give what you feel comfortable, be that the cost of a coffee per week, or month it's up to you and every donation matters.

Q/ How much does it cost to support a child in a remote village to attend school, like the Ghunsa School in the Kanchenjunga region?
A/ For a primary school age child the costs equate to around A$50 per month or $1.66/ day for hostel place, food, education improvement at the Ghunsa school

Q/ How much does each health post consultation cost including medication?
A/ We are able to deliver this for about $4 per visit including the medication(s).

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