Policies and Governance

The Himalayan Development Foundation Australia functions in line with the following policies.

Vulnerable Person Protection Policy

The Himalayan Development Foundation Australia (HDFA) is committed to safeguarding the vulnerable people it supports in Nepal against all forms of abuse and exploitation from any persons. Vulnerable people can include, but is not limited to, children and seniors, people with impaired intellectual or physical functioning or people with low levels of literacy or education. The disadvantages of poverty and illiteracy can make Nepalese women and girls, and also men and boys, vulnerable to human trafficking. 

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Counter Terrorism Guidelines

HDFA is aware of terrorism related issues and uses its best endeavours to ensure funds do not provide direct or indirect support or resources to organisations or individuals associated with terrorism. HDFA does not, and will not, willingly support terrorism.

HDFA's mission is to empower Nepalese communities to work towards sustainability without welfare, through improved health, education, agriculture and livelihood programs. In executing this mission, we partner with international organisations which presents a risk of exposure to HDFA in respect of terrorist organisations. HDFA has implemented counter terrorism guidelines and related processes which are designed to prevent and mitigate any association of HDFA with such organisations.

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