Rebuilding 10 Villages

Extensive damage by the April 2015 earthquake means that schools, health posts and community water supplies all need to be rebuilt as quickly as possible.

Thumpakhar VDC in Sindhupalchok District Jun 01, 2015

We are committed to rebuilding health posts and damaged schools using new earthquake-resistant designs for 10 villages in the area of Thumpakhar VDC in Sindhupalchok District.

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Nepal villages devastated

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck central Nepal on 25 April 2015, and its many aftershocks have killed more than 8,800 and injured more than 23,000. Damage is widespread, with some villages completely destroyed.

Rural Nepalese have lost homes, food stores, farm equipment and livelihoods. Initial assistance to retrieve those trapped by fallen debris has given way to emergency assistance, and the Himalayan Development Foundation Australia has been able to get food, shelter and medical assistance to Nepali’s in the Sindhupalchok and Ghorkha districts in the earthquake-affected belt. These relief efforts continue.

Schools in ruins

Extensive damage means that schools, health posts and community water supplies all need to be rebuilt as quickly as possible. You can help Himalayan Development Foundation Australia to reconstruct these using internationally developed earthquake-resistant building techniques. Constructing schools hand-in-hand with local communities will help begin the long process of recovery, and will keep thousands of children in school. Our practice of working closely with communities will ensure their commitment to the long-term maintenance and operation of the infrastructure. This is your opportunity to provide direct support to communities who really need it, delivered by people with accountability. 

Will your organisation rebuild a health post or school in earthquake-ravaged Nepal?

Together with our in-county implementation partners and community members, we have identified ten schools and health posts that are no longer safe. We are seeking funding partners (businesses, schools or other groups) to commit with us to rebuilding a particular health post or school in the earthquake-ravaged sectors of Nepal. Ideas to build and communicate your responsible global corporate citizen credentials include:

  • Corporate matching of workplace donations
  • Fundraising dinners organized by groups or staff,
  • Corporate networking drinks with suppliers and customers
  • Integrate a team-building or leadership-development activity that includes a site visit and perhaps volunteering on the rebuilding project itself!

HDFA can provide assistance with organizing events, providing a speaker and an online bookings and donations facility. We can also assist your organisation with a site visit during construction or afterwards. Employees may choose to volunteer during construction or afterwards during normal operations, for example in a teaching support capacity. The ten locations are all within a few hours’ drive of Kathmandu, towards the Tibet border, so both day trips and village stays are attractive options.

Needs Analysis

We need your help to rebuild a health post and nine damaged schools using new earthquake-resistant designs in the area of Thumpakhar VDC in Sindhupalchok District. First pass construction estimates range from $70,000 to $314,000 for schools of various sizes, and $25,000 for the Thumpakhar health post. The total project budget for this short list is $1,121,000, and there are certainly other opportunities that will arise as our needs analysis continues. At this stage we are also seeking clarification of available funds from local communities and the Nepal Government.

Our track record

We have been working with communities in the Mechi District of far eastern Nepal – the Kanchenjunga region. This zone was hit by a large earthquake in 2011 but fortunately was far enough from the epicentre to be spared the destruction of the most recent quake.

Over the last few months we have completed a school rebuild at the remote township of Ghunsa working with the local community and our local NGO the KBSS. Ghunsa is nestled high in the Himalayas at 3,400m above sea level and is about four days walk from the nearest road access.

We know the issues facing the reconstruction of buildings in remote areas, the costs of transporting goods, the planning required and the shear physical challenges of portering heavy loads across steep mountain trails.

Contact our office to discuss how your organisation can become a rebuilding partner

Duncan Chessell: T: 0414 804055 E: PO Box 446, Magill SA 5072