The AGM was held on the 23rd of November 2018.

While we have had a fairly quiet year in terms of communications, we have been getting on with deliverying significant programs of deep community development nature in the Indrawati Region north of Kathmnadu and continue our long association with the Sherpa people of the Kanchenjunga region and the Ghunsa Village. We have been impressed by the results of the agriculture training as a livelihood improvement program, in parrallel with health care and other inisitiatives.

A few minor changes at the board level, with Dr Brian Gilbert stepping down as Treasurer after being a founding board member of HDFA, thanks Brian for your efforts, going on almost 5 years, THANKS!

Our new Treasurer Mr (Ed) Parker is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience, as well as travelling to Nepal three times, Ed has worked across a broad range of industries in both the public and private sectors. He has enjoyed Management Accountant roles in the BBC World Service and BBC News, these roles provided him with the opportunity to work on development projects in a number of countries including Pakistan, Russia and the Ukraine. see more about Mr Parker

We are pleased to present to the members, donors and public the HDFA Annual Report 2018 (8MB PDF).

The big news was that after 2 years of applications, documentation, letters and phone calls, HDFA has been authorised by the Australian Government (DFAT, ATO and Treasury) to operate our own Public Overseas Aid Fund with full NFP and DGR status for Overseas Aid. 
This required sign off, personally, from the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Asistant Treasurer. See the announcement in the government gazette 7th-Nov-2018, below.

The HDFA board after the AGM
Andrew Stace - Chair
Anne Skipper, AM - vice Chair
Jo Arnold - Secretary
Ed Parker - Treasury
Melissa Westgate - board member, fundraising committee
Duncan Chessell - board member and voluntary CEO
Chris Miller - board member, Nepal Operations committee